Construction & Parking Information
Last Updated: 3.18.19
Sunday, March 1, 2020 12:00 AM
Akron Civic Theatre


  • Main Street (King James Way), in front of the Civic, remains open for Northbound traffic only.  Southbound traffic is currently closed.
  • Entrance to the theatre will depend on where you park.
  • The sidewalks on W. Bowery are CLOSED to pedestrains.
  • Eastbound traffic on W. Bowery Street is currently closed.  Westbound traffic is open.
  • If you are parking on W. Bowery then we suggest the Cascade Parking Deck. You can enter the Civic on the Bowery St. Entrance.
  • If you are preferring to enter the theatre on Main Street then the O'Neils (State Street) Parking Deck is recommended.
  • If you are using an Uber ( to come to a show, your drop off and pickup area is located at 50 W. Bowery Street.  It's by our side entrance.
  • Please watch for uneven pavement and gravel.


YELLOW: The Civic.

ORANGE: indicates parking areas.

MAGENTA: indicates the current construction zone.

BLACK ARROWS: Indicate traffic flow direction.

(PLEASE NOTE: While parts of the street may remain open.  This is a constant changing situation)