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(In)Dependent : The Heroin Project


(In)Dependent : The Heroin Project
Saturday Aug. 17, 2019 at 8:00pm
Akron Civic Theatre

The development of this project is a form of artistic activism. This show has been created due to the heroin crisis conquering the nation, damaging families, friends, and lives. With heroin being the most lethal drug there is, it affects everyone, physically, mentally, and emotionally. (In)Dependent captures the physical, mental, and emotional issues that addicts, former addicts, friends, families, nurses, policemen, and children undergo from primary and secondary views on heroin.

Through the power of the arts, acting and dancing, this piece will describe the effects that heroin causes from the perspective of the user and the people they surround 
themselves with. The goal is to raise awareness and knowledge to those who view the production. We hope the audience members leave with an education on the subject and an open heart to assist society in gaining awareness, decrease death rates, and to save lives.

This murderous substance affects everyone. Addicts can overcome their obstacles and turn their vices into virtues, but it requires team work, constant support, and unconditional love. Bringing awareness and knowledge to this topic can save relationships and lives. Heroin does not define the user. That person is not just an addict. That person is a child, sibling, spouse, cousin, friend, lover--that person is someone to somebody.

Proceeds from this production will assist in funding local addiction recovery centers and programs to create more space available and to distribute more form of life saving drugs. If you would like to bring any of the following to the production, it will all be given to Oriana House for their residential programs:

Socks (new), underwear (unopened pakages), soap holders (plastic), toothbrushes, toothbrush holders, shower gel, washcloths, deodorant (men and women's), slippers.

Please note that this is a cabaret performance. The audience is on stage with the performers. Seating is limited.

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